Conditions générales

Delivery zone (from 27.02.2023)

Amount minimum for delivery: CHF 20.-
DELIVERY FEE: 4.50 Frs - zone of 1201,1202,1203,1204,1205,1206,1207,1208,1209

Amount minimum for delivery: CHF 40.--
DELIVERY FEE: 4.80 Frs - zone of 1227,1220,1292,1218,1219   

Amount minimum for delivery: CHF 40.--
DELIVERY FEE: 5.80 Frs - zone of 1212,1213,1216

Amount minimum for delivery: CHF 50.--
DELIVERY FEE: 6.80 Frs - zone of 1214,1215,1217,1228,1222,1223,1224,1225,1226,1231,1232,1234,1253,1290,1293,1294

Amount minimum for delivery: CHF 60.--
DELIVERY FEE: 7.80 Frs - zone of 1233,1241,1242,1244,1252,1254,1255,1256,1257,1258

Outside the zone mentionned, the minimum amount for delivery is CHF 80.-- + delivery fee 

Delivery between 45 min -1 h around (Geneva and zone only)


The delivery is open 7/7 from
Monday to
Thurday:   11:30 - 14:00 ,18:00 - 22:30
Friday to Saturday :    11:30 - 14:00 ,18:00 - 23:00

Sunday :                        11:00 - 23:00 no stop


We will offer home delivery payments methodes: 
1.Pay in cash : " Please prepare the change as accurately as possible "
2.Credit card: "When paying by credit card "
3.Debit card: "Our delivery men have a payment terminal "

We do not guarantee delay in these cases:

  • bad weather conditions (rain, storm, snow, ice)
  • building number or name missing or false
  • closed door's building
  • more than 5 floors to walk
  • big order

Terms of sales

These terms of sales apply on every orders made on the website Hungky reserve the possibility to adapt and to change the terms of sales. In case of modification. it will apply to all the orders in the terms of sale starting from the day of modification of the conditions. 

Secure payment

Hungky do not have acces to your confidential banking data. 

For your security payment, Hungky choose a module of payment online from Ogone. 

Payment with credit card (secure payment) online

We accept payment with card: Visa, Mastercard,Postcard.
As soon as the payment is confirmed by the banking center, the order becomes effective.

In case of bank refusal, Hungky will cancel automatically the current order, 

Cash payment

We accept only Euro and Swiss Francs. For security reasons, our delivery men do not have more than CHF 50 on them.  

Fees of TVA of 2,5% is included for the delivery service (TAKE AWAY)

Product availability

Hungky reserves the right to change the composition of products based on hazards associated with supplies and seasonal products.


Hungky reserves the right to change price at any time but agrees to apply the rates in effect that have been indicated at the time of your order. 

Returns and exchanges

By hygienic measures, no merchandise can be taken back or exchanged. 

Photos are non-contractual. 

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. please drink wines and alcohol in moderation. 


Legal information

Intellectual properties

The buyer has no intellectual and industrial right on the products, their representations or designations, Hungky are owner and exclusive licensee of all these rights.

Every use of the elements targeted is banned except prior and express agreement. 

Juridiction and applicable law

In the case of dispute, the grant of jurisdiction is made, by agreement, the courts of our registred office, even if referred and despite multiple instance or parts of third parties. Swiss law will goven relations between the parties, 


Collecte use of customer information. 

The customer information that we collect is to help us to personnalize and improve the service for our customer. 

We use all these information the treat their order, to delivery the products and to process to the paiement and communicate with your needs; conserve and update our data and your account; make content available such us promotional offer and recommanded products which might interest you.

General condition of sales

The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors, the buyer acknowledges being of age at the passing order. can not be held responsible in the opposite case. 


The reproduction or representation, ii whole or in part, of the pages, datas and any others component of website is prohibited and without autorization of editor is a forgery.